Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Adriano Goldschmied Ad Campaign feat. Dash Snow - DEAD AT 27

Dash Snow is dead from OD.

Why did AG once choose him to be their campaign face I will never understand. Someone must have read abundant portions from The Saatchi Gallery website and actually believe what they read:

Presenting an unabridged account of his marginalised lifestyle, Snow’s often uncomfortable images paint an intimate portrait where topical issues such as sex, drugs, poverty, and anti-social behaviour are confronted from a frank position of personal participation. Translated through the generic quality of his medium, Snow’s photos convey the disoriented fragments of memory as voyeuristic observation, conceiving the experience of ‘self’ as a bi-product of mass media dissociation.

So much blah blah from Saatchi (no wonder, they're in advertising).

To glorify what has been considered his "art" seems - to me at least - nonsense.

Documenting your Sex&CokedLife with polaroids can't get more cliche, and dipping newspapers in your own sperm doesn't scream originality either.

Unfortunately, galleries like The Saatchi's buy into this, just like heaps of twenty-year-olds, who live the identical life of debaucherie, but as opposed to Dash Snow, weren't blessed to be born into a wealthy family. Dash Snow's grandmother was, as NYMag puts it, "a De Menil, which is to say art-world royalty, the closest thing to the Medicis in the United States".

A person is dead and that's is always disturbing. For a few hours now we've been seeing a heated debate on the web whether he should be buried an artist or just an addict.

As one of the commentators pointed out on Gawker:

What sucks is that these super-cool people can do nothing but give each other endless handjobs. Everything and everyone is always great. It's all cool. It's all good.

I have a problem with people like Dash Snow. There are hundreds of Dash Snows all over the U.S and the world, but this one was privileged in two ways:

1. He lived in Downtown Manhattan
2. He could afford it

By cashing in from the AG well-mannered ad campaign he could afford to buy cocaine, sniff it from someone else's dick somewhere downtown Manhattan and keep living his not so well-mannered life.

Yeah, I do have a problem with Dash Snow.

And I also have a problem with Adriano Goldschmied.

If they are so willing to feature them rebellious artists from New York, why don't they feature their rebellious art? After all, that is what makes them, right?

Adriano Goldschmied Ad Campaign feat. Dash Snow - DEAD AT 27