Monday, March 31, 2008

Rubulad Parties, New York City

Having been in NYC for almost 3 years now, partywise it doesn't happen often anymore that I come across something that blows me off my feet. I may be flattering myself now, but I believe that I have more or less covered the grid of dancing gatherings in this city.

It may be, however, that I should spend more time with the Williamsburg breed. On Saturday night, through an ordinary weekend mix of alcohol, drugs and new acquaintances, I was introduced to a Brooklyn party which is something to be experienced.

Bizarre decor, multiple rooms, several levels, live music and djs, entire thing unbelievably packed with probably a thousand people or more, it was definitely a vibe never to be seen in Manhattan.

For all those Manhattanians who have been forever reluctant to leave the island, I suggest reevaluating their policy.

People dancing like there is no tomorrow, cheap vodka and wine in plastic cups, free and unobstructed weed-smoking, fairies, bunnies and wizards of oz, tattoos that make no sense, fashionistas gone astray and ghetto gangstas dancing to Bee Gees - I saw it all.

And so, many hours later, I wake up in an unknown, tiny little room in East Village, packed with female clothes, shoes and all sort of junk piled up to every corner of its ceiling (and I thought my place is a pigsty). An unbearable late afternoon sun is shining through the window and making my headache feel even worst than it is.

And a girl whom I scarcely remember, my Rubulad guide, is filling the room with a dense blunt smoke.

And I am thinking - I guess it was worth it.

Rubulad Parties, New York City - HOT

PS I stole the images from here , here , and here .